*Picture above is 'The School of Athens,' a fresco painted by Rafael in 1511, Aristotle (in blue) and Plato (in red) are depicted conversing among many other great students of philosophy.

From 2015, We have held two forums through Internet, in a private circle from solely our own connections. One for Economics, the other one for art and philosophy. The economics forum with the founder being the main curator, and has been on for about half an year, turned out to be quite a success. We successfully equipped participants a small set of key eco concepts. Participants are from different industries, areas of studies, and most of them has no background of economics at all.

Both forum starts with the founder's idea about promoting knowledge (economics) for everyone. Here's some words from company founder himself:

"Economics solely, has been perceived as well mixed with theorem and high mathematics. But in fact, along my years of economics research, I found it to be extremely fun, easy and approachable for everyone. And the most important, it's applicable to everyday life decisions, from daily errands running, startup idea generation, to corporate actions and national policies. I have been confused since then why the economics both taught at school and on newspaper, are so rhetoric, politically biased and media driven. So I developed the idea of offering an economic course by my own, to general public, especially those in most need. The first economy one should really worry about is one’s own economy. With all due respect, one does need to understand how the economy has worked in the past and now. The more one does, the more one can manager his own"

Both forum, on economics and on art has been suspended in 2016 due to heavy work load to the organizers, from the company side. But both forum remained on Internet through social media groups. For those interested to join feel free to contact us through the main web page contact information. In 2017 we plan to carry this out again with local organizations in Hong Kong. Please keep following our website about updates.

Below are some other thoughts from the curator being also the founder of the company.


From Political to Poor

For centuries, since the birth of economics when Adam Smith's masterpiece <wealth of nations>, it's been named Political Economy. Till eighteenth century, “political” the word, is removed from the pair and officially acclaimed the economy, also since then it has settled as a school of study in Cambridge. But even now, economy itself per se has never been independent, or away from politics. It has been and will be always a tool in hands government. Understanding this point is very important as economy studies human behavior, but the most often and prime is government. 

Recent years, welfare economics developed into specific schools called poor economics, focused on discussion why poor people stay in poverty for generations. I'm still in study of it but it focused on those far from the poverty line. My focus here in this course aims to help middle class and those not that far away from middle class. I here cited a famous quote from Keynes, who I respect well, "People make decisions based on their interest, but in reality they're clouded and cannot see where their interest really is.

Why one should care about economy

Everyone's behavior constitutes everyday life, and the overall economy from the nation to the whole world. And the world economy system is not like natural science that human behavior doesn't alter anything, on the contrary, everyone's action counts. And because of this, everyone is actually responsible for what's happening in the world right now. And to understand better about economy, we can shape the future better.


What I'll be covering

Not only plain economics text. But also things like foreign policy, environmental science, psychology, military history and politics (especially). To discuss economics without power is like discuss politics without mentioning money.