"WCU" stands for "We see you". The founder developed this idea during his stay in New York City, where he sees many unemployed people, among which many speak perfect English. The starting goal of the project is to connect those cannot get employed in US to teach people in the rest part of the world English. 

There are millions of people keen to learn or to practice their English with a native speaker, while most cannot find one. The philosophy behind is simply to discover people's value and make it worthy. We all got assets in ourselves while most are unaware of. Thanks to the highly developed and speedy internet environment, we all can be connected efficiently. We plan to further stretch this idea to the rest of the world, help those in need.

Being insufficient in human resources, right now the project is still waiting to be initiated. If you're interested to contribute, either by funding or support the project development, please contact directly with us. Contact can be found at end of this website's home page.

Alpha Enterprise ourselves have been donating to World Vision charity since 2016, helping poor kids around the world to get at least an opportunity to go to school and get educated. Here we encourage everyone who red this page, to contribute to the others, even by little.